Karen discovered her passion for transforming people via hair and makeup techniques as a young artist in the theater. Beginning as a hairstylist in the Chicago area, she eventually made her way to Los Angeles for in-depth makeup training. Upon her return to Chicago, she dove right in as a skilled makeup professional, gaining extensive experience in TV, video, print, film, theater, and live events. She also serves as an educator, teaching apprentice makeup artists the fine art of application. She truly enjoys bringing people's inner beauty to the surface, helping to create a stunning combination of signature beauty and a unique look that reflects the personality of each and every person who sits in her chair. With humor and grace, Karen balances the exquisite art of remaining focused on a client's vision, while still understanding her talent's needs to help them feel their best. She thrives on the variety her profession offers, especially getting to meet so many types of people and learning a little bit... about a little bit of everything! 

Personally, Karen loves animals and is a lifelong fan of the arts-from music and theater, to the visual arts. In her downtime, you can find her wandering street festivals, checking out concerts, photographing nature, traveling, dining, exploring museums and galleries, and occasionally oil painting.

welcome, Clients!

Karen Koenig Makeup Artist